Temporary tattoos

Have temporary tattoos printed

Temporary tattoos from IE Print offer a creative and flexible way to temporarily apply images, text or graphics to the skin. Ideal for promotional campaigns, these customised fake tattoos can be handed out at events or added to online shop orders. They are perfect for all ages and fade after approximately two to four days, removing easily with soap or baby oil. The tattoos are available in five sizes and three formats, from small 50 x 50 millimetre squares to larger formats in DIN A6 and A5. Each tattoo is printed on dermatologically tested backing paper that complies with EU cosmetics regulations and is produced with skin-friendly colours, making them particularly child-friendly.

The print quality is high, with CMYK four-colour process or monochrome options available in white or black. This allows for various designs, from photos to colourful graphics. All ingredients and safety instructions are printed on the reverse of the backing paper. At IE Print, up to 100,000 temporary tattoos can be purchased per order, starting from a minimum quantity of 100 pieces. For a preview of the print tattoos, IE Print offers a digital screen proof in the customer account. In addition to temporary tattoos, customers can also have other print products such as pencils, pens or rulers printed, all at a favourable price and in high quality.